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Fic: Lookin' For A Good Time
Title: Lookin' For A Good Time 
Pairing: Marty Dressler / Bedussey
Rating: R
Summary: Marty is lonely and hasn't touched a woman for a very long time. Petra likes attention.
Warnings:  I am not a good writer. Marty is a character from an episode of Law & Order, played by Patrick Stump. Bedussey is a character from Bedussey, also played by Patrick Stump. Petra isn't exactly made up either.
Disappointed with the outcome of the night, she took a shortcut through the dark alley in her short, turquoise sequined off-the-shoulder dress. Petra couldn't believe no one hit on her at the club that evening, she thought she had it all in order. Short dress, high wedges, red lips, a little skin, and not a one person bought her a drink. This was a bad night. Petra decided the best way to end it was to get home as soon as possible, settle in her sweats in front of the television with a pint of chocolate ice cream.

Forcefully ripping the false eyelashes from her lids, she heard footsteps behind her. Though, as soon as she turned to look, she spotted someone hiding behind the bushes. "Hello? Can I help you?"

No response.

She continued walking at the same pace, when, again, she heard more footsteps.
She stopped, "What?" she said with more attitude.

A short, chubby, pale man with glasses stood a step behind her, sweaty and out of breath, "Hi. I'm Marty."

Petra skeptically checked him out, "Why are you following me?"

"Uh, can I buy you a drink?"

She lifted an eyebrow, "In an alley? Look, buddy. It's too late, I'm going home." She began to walk away.

"Wait," Marty grabbed her shoulder.

"Fuck off," she removed his hand, "What kind of dude are you anyway? Did you follow me all the way out here?"

"I could tell you weren't having a good time. Come on. I'll buy you a drink."

Petra was conflicted. This dude was creepy, to say the least. Very awkward. However, all she wanted was for someone to pay a little attention to her for once. And maybe he was just a very awkward man. Perhaps she looked so pretty that night that no one wanted to talk to her. "... Fine. But no funny business."

The two walked to the bar across the street from the club.

“What do you do for a living?” Petra sipped on her pink lady at the counter.

“I work,” Marty said as he picked at his fingernails, “For an energy company…”

“Are you nervous?” she flirted, “Do you normally pick up chicks in alleys? Loosen up, it’s Friday!”

Marty was slightly put off, “… What do you do for a living?”

“A house maid. For this little old woman that lives up the street from where my parents used to live. She’s really been around but she’s kind, and the pay is good.”

He nodded, taking a mouthful of his beer.

“… You live around here?”

“Next to the apartment building a couple blocks from here. With the horse statue in front.”

“You live in the alley behind that building?” Petra engaged in a laugh before sipping her drink, “I’m kidding, Marty. You know, I had a friend who lived over there. She got kicked out. How do you afford it?”

“Well,” he began reluctantly, “I have a roommate.”

“You don’t say.”

“Mmhm,” he took a drink before having to explain further.

Petra quickly observed the nervous expression in his eyes, and decided it was game time. She set her hand on his knee, leaned in further and spoke smoothly, “Hey,”

The man nearly choked, and had to push his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

“I’m not gonna bite, sugar. I’m just a girl. I’m just a human, just like you, only with… y’know.”

Marty wanted out, and was willing to say just about anything to get Petra to leave him be, “One hour. How much?”

She did a double-take, “… I’m not a prostitute.”

“Oh. I thought, you know, no one with common sense would wear a dress like that if she wasn’t getting paid.”

Petra removed her hand, and turned toward the bar, “That was rude. I’m sorry for teasing you. Thank you for the drink.”

He instantly regretted getting up in arms with the woman. After all, he did want to talk to her in the first place, “… You look fine. I think you’re very pretty, and your dress is unique.”

She tilted her head, “You can’t take a joke,” she turned towards him again, crossing her legs, “But that’s kind of cute.”

The two of them chuckled and continued to banter throughout the evening. Before they knew it, the bar was beginning to close.

Petra was light-headed and stumbled just getting off of her seat.

“Whoa,” Marty caught her from under the arm and she leaned on his shoulder, “Are you alright?”

“Just tipsy. Just tipsy.” She stood on her own as soon as they stepped outside.

“What else do you have planned for tonight?” he looked into her eyes, which, in the streetlight were a beautiful light brown, but in the moonlight were a deep blue reflection.

She shrugged, “Really, nothing. Why?”

“I was thinking, maybe you could come back to my place, um, look at my aquarium.” He winced, regretting his response right away.

“Aquarium, huh?” she smirked, “You really like fish, don’t you?” she tittered on her own while he rolled his eyes.

“I’m parked across the street, I mean,”

“Yeah, sure, cool.”

The two made their way across the street to his beat-up 1999 Mercury Sable and hopped in.

Petra chuckled, “And you drive this thing?”

Marty exhaled noisily, “Buckle up.” He started the car.

As soon as she was buckled in, Petra was back to flirting. Not learning from her mistake from earlier, she placed her hand between his legs and started massaging his right thigh, “You’re thick,” she whispered in his ear as he pulled into the road, “Is the pot of gold anything like the rainbow leading to it?”

He groaned, wanting the night to end. On the other hand, he almost didn’t mind the degradation Petra brought to the table. He was going to get some tonight, definitely, but not before she’d do something that would put him off for a minute. It had been a very long time since he had any type of company other than a coworker, a woman at that. At that rate, he could’ve taken anyone just to get a lay in. Ditsy little Petra would do.

They parked on the street next to a large, white, two-story house. Marty sat still, while Petra was ready to go. “… Are we gonna get out?”

He took a breath, “I’ve gotta tell you about my roommate.”

“… Okay…”

“He’s weird.”

“So are you. But I like you. And I’m weird, and you know it, and—”

“No, just… there’s something wrong with him. When you come in, don’t make too much noise.”
Petra was concerned, “Look, just ‘cause he’s special needs doesn’t mean he’s less of a person than you and I. What does he have? Down Syndrome? Autism? My neighbor’s kid is Autistic—”
“He doesn’t have anything. Just— be quiet, let’s go.”
The two got out of the car and treaded to the house. As Marty sorted his keys, Petra trailed close with her hand in his back pocket.
As soon as they walked through the back door, he put his finger to his lips.
Petra whispered, “Where’s your aquarium?”
They were both startled by a thunderous voice from in the basement, “Marty?”
Marty sighed, “Yes it’s me, Bedussey.”

He didn’t respond.
Marty signaled for Petra to follow him, as he went through the kitchen, through the living room and up the stairs to the hallway.
“Is it up here?” Petra inquired.
“Quiet.” He hissed.
“What’s wrong with your friend?”
“Nothing,” he whispered, “he’s just a little off.”
He interrupted her by slamming her against the wall and planting a kiss on her lips. His lips were very dry and almost hurt Petra’s soft, fading red lips.
She pushed him off, “You wanna borrow my chapstick?” she dug in her small black coin purse and handed him her strawberry chapstick, “Use generously.”
Marty reluctantly used the chapstick and returned it to her.
“See? Not hard at all.”
He pointed to the first door to the left of them, “My room’s right there.”

She smiled playfully with a squint, “Is your aquarium in there?”
“Marty?” His roommate called from the bottom of the stairs.
Marty pushed the woman towards his room, “Go,” he whispered to her, “What?” he answered.
It didn’t matter, as he came up the stairs to talk to him.
Petra went into the room and closed the door behind her.
“Dude, yeah, I’m here, what?” Marty crossed his arms as the man, who was about the same height, had same skin tone and same facial features, similar, with the exception that his hair was slicked back, looked around the hall.
“Just making sure,” Bedussey said, “You never know.”
“Yeah, it’s me. So you can go back to doing whatever.”
He nodded, “Alright.”
Marty went into his room, shutting the door behind him.
Petra was mesmerized by his aquarium in the corner, “Is it a lot to take care of all these fish?”
He shrugged, “Not really. A lot of them take care of themselves, other than the cleaning.”
She approached, “Think you can take care of my fish?” she giggled, grabbing a hold of the collar of his button up. She kissed him succulently and bit his lip lightly.
Marty, not being especially experienced in this department, caressed her thigh, tugged at the hem of her dress and tried to pull it off from over her head.
“Wait!” she flailed her arms, “Stop, wait!”
He backed off as she pulled the dress back down and turned around.
“Unzip me.”
He pulled her zipper down.
“So much better.” She wriggled out of the dress and Marty watched it fall around her ankles. “Do you know how to unhook a bra?”
He closely examined the nooks and crannies and mystery of what keeps a bra wrapped around a woman and her breasts.
“Fuck.” She reached behind her and pinched the fabric around the hooks and loops. Within seconds, she was topless and was facing Marty. 
“Do you want me to show you again? God, you’re such a dork.” She smirked, “Now let’s do you.” She got to work on his buttons, unfastening them one by one, “You’re so awkward. Do you want me to undo your bra too?” she snickered.
Marty was too busy being fascinated by the fact that a topless woman was trying to get him naked to react. Her breasts were perfect. They were small (but proportionate to her size) and bouncy and perky, just like her. Her underwear was light pink with little white flowers and hearts all over. Her bum was round and full, just how he liked them. He began to get excited just thinking about what he was going to do.

“Excuse me,” she quickly covered up, “My face is up here, sweet cheeks.” She hooted.
“You’re really attractive.”
“If I wasn’t, I’d have to wonder why you picked me up in the first place.” She loosened his belt. She looked back up at him, “Please don’t come in your pants.”
“Please stop talking.”
She giggled as she pulled down his pants and pushed him onto his bed. She straddled him, rubbing up against his bulge.
Marty couldn’t take the anticipation as Petra kissed him, one after the other, licking his lips, tongue grazing his, occasionally licking behind his ear or on his neck or anywhere Marty couldn’t predict. Petra was one crazy bitch, and Marty loved it.
She reached down his pants, “You’re a big boy, aren’t you?” she whispered. Petra had reached the jackpot. She loved the boys who seemed to have never gotten any action; maybe that one fluke where the girl took advantage of him and he went with it. And the awkward ones always had the biggest penises. Marty was no exception. She began to wonder if even she could handle him as she spat in the palm of her hand, wrapped her hand around his cock and began to pump.
He jerked his hips, “No need.”
“Why?” she teased, “Gonna come?”
“Please just fuck me.”

She let go, “Protection?”
He reached into the drawer of the nightstand, grabbed a condom and threw it at her.
“Almost hit my eye, buddy.” She pulled his boxers off, threw them across the room, opened the small packet and rolled the rubber down to his base. “Do you get girls very often?” she took off her underwear.
“… Every now and then…”
“No?” she rubbed up against his hard member a few times before taking him in slowly, “I’ll go slow.”
“I’m not a virgin,” he huffed, thrusting up into her.
“Ah! Easy,” she leaned in, onto his shoulder, “I wasn’t prepared for that. Let me do the work, I’m used to it.”
“Doubt it,” He muttered.
She scowled playfully and began to thrust powerfully, “You like that?”
Marty threw his head back, mouth wide open and glasses falling off. He loved it. Petra knew what she was doing. She knew what he wanted. He groaned loudly.
“No.” He tried to make himself coherent, but it came out as another moan.
Petra pushed faster, whilst touching herself. She let out a whine.
He whimpered, “Slow down.”
“Sorry,” she whispered.
The door swung open, “What’s going on here?” Bedussey stood in the doorway.
Petra stopped, turned her head and covered up, “So sorry—”
Marty sat up, “Bedussey, what the hell, man!”
Bedussey smirked, “Didn’t know you had a lady friend…”
“This is Petra. Do you mind?”
“Oh, I know Petra. Met at a bar once, had a little fling…” he approached the bed.
“What the hell?”
He kissed her deeply and cupped her left breast, “Long time, no see. Are you helping Marty here lose his innocence?” He looked at Marty, “Petra is a loyal customer of mine. She is also one fine woman now. Used to know her when she was Pete.”
“Want a part?” she asked sweetly.
He positioned himself behind her.
Marty was puzzled, “WHAT THE HELL?! No!”
“Relax, Marty. She likes anal. Right, sugar?”
She hummed as Bedussey sucked on his finger and stuck it in her back hole.
“See? She’ll be okay. I’m not gonna hurt your friend.” He stuck a second finger in her.

“Holding up, pal?” she smiled at Marty.
Marty just had to wonder what had happened to his night. One moment, he had a stranger on his dick, the next, his roommate’s privates were way to close to his. If there was a button he could push to bring him back to the beginning, he would’ve bought that blonde woman a drink.

Bedussey eased his shaft into her.

She shuttered, “It’s been a while.”

“Ready, you two?”

Marty was in for a very long night.